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physics please help

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a 10.0-g marble rolls to the left with a velocity of magnitude 0.400 m.s^-1 on a smooth, level surface and makes a head-on collision with a larger 30.0-g marble rolling to right with a velocity of magnitude 0.100 m.s^-1. If the collision is perfectly elastic,find the velocity of each marble after the collision.( since the collision is head-on, all the motion os along a line.)

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    v1 – to the left,
    v2 – to the right
    u1=[(m1-m2) •v1 – 2• m2•v2]/(m1+m2) =
    =[(10-30) •0.4 - 2•30•0.1]/(10+30) = - 0.35 m/s.
    u2 = [2•m1•v1 –(m2-m1) •v2]/(m1+m2) =
    = [2•10•0.4 –(30-10) •0.1]/(10+30) =0.15 m/s.
    u1 – to the right,
    u2 – to the left.

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