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Posted by Matthew on Thursday, April 12, 2012 at 1:29pm.

I included a few things about correct behaviour in class. Can you please check them, too?

1) I should get top marks in all subjects. I should apply myself (fully) when in class. I should get involved in the lessons.
2) I should ask my classmates about next time's homework when I'm absent. I should revise for a day or two before a test (??).
3) I mustn't bully either my classmates or the teacher. I must tell the teacher if a classmate bullies me.
4) What does this sentence mean?
I want to get some qualifications before I leave school.
5) I mustn't cheat during (or in) tests.
I can ask my teacher a question or (for) an explanation or a translation. I musn't prompt a classmate during an oral test.
6) I can get a snack from the vending machines during the break. I can chat with my mates during the break. I can go to the toilet if the teacher gives me permission.
7) I must sit properly (upright?) and take notes during school hours.
8) You get a mark for conduct, too. So you mustn't misbehave in class. If you misbehave, your teacher can reprimand you (in the class register):
9) You mustn't interrupt your teachers when speaking; you musnt' run along the corridor,you musn't drop anything on the floor.

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