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I still have more sentences to check. I really hope you can revise them, too.

1) Revise all your sentences orally.
2) Bring the government down (and bring down the government)
3) He stopped to take on the students (to take the students on is possible?)
4) Mark took over the business when he became the new boss of the industry (??)
5) the fruit-picking in the summer (summer fruit-picking/summer fruit collection are these alternatives possible?)
6) If I were an employee, I would work at a careeer because I would work for the prospects of promotion and development opportunities. These are the things that motivate me most.
7) They took me on (to work is a mistake) at the restaurant.

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    1. OK

    2. Either phrasing works.

    3. "to take on the students" could mean to take them onto a bus (or other vehicle) or to challenge them.
    "to take the students on" generally means to challenge them!

    4. ... the new boss of the company. (An industry is all the companies that function within the same field -- such as the hospitality industry, which includes restaurants, hotels, travel agents, etc.)

    5. I've never heard "collection" used in this way, but the other two are fine.

    6. ... career ...

    7. Both phrasings are fine.

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