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Bag A contains 6 white beads and 3 black beads. Bag B contains 6 white beads and 4 black beads.One bead is chosen at random from each bag. find the probability that both beads are black and at least one of the two beads is white??

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    It would help if you proofread your questions before you posted them. "And" indicates both of these are occurring, but this would be impossible with the situation you describe.

    Probability of both/all events occurring is found by multiplying the probabilities of the individual events.

    Both black = 3/9 * 4/10 = ?

    "At least one of the two beads is white" means either one white bead or two white beads.

    Either-or probabilities are found by adding the individual probabilities.

    One bead white = 6/9 * 4/10 or 3/9 * 6/10

    Two white beads = 6/9 * 6/10 = ?

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