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english (notificatins)

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an appeal to logic--(persuasive appeals)
the emotions that a speaker demonstrates towards his or her subject--(pathos)
an appeal to the credibilty of the speaker--(ethos)
an appeal to a sense of right or wrong--(logos)
devices in a speech that seek to convince an audience(tone0

please check my ansers

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    Read carefully and rethink your answers.

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    persuasive appeals--(E)


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    I have no idea what A, B, C, D, and E are referring to.

    Please list the definition next to the term so they make sense.

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    persuasive appeals--devices in a speech that seek to convince an audience

    tone--the emotion that a speaker demonstrares towards his or her subject

    ethos--an appeal to the credibility of the speaker

    pathos--an appeal to a sense of right or wrong

    logos--an appeal to logic

    Had to match word with meaning

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    Your definitions for ethos, logos, and tone are correct.

    pathos = emotions <~~how will you use that definition?

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    I think in general audiences, emotion plays an important part. Ever been to a political rally?

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    Thank you for the help

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    You're very welcome. It's not an easy subject, that's for sure!

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