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The device called an At-woods machine.if m2 is greatr than m1 an assumng th pulley to be frictionless and far will m2 fall in th time T aftr the system is released? 2.what is th tension in the cord that connect two massess? 3. If m1=5kg and m2=3kg,what is the tension in the cord? 4. What is the time needed for the masses to move 15m from rest?

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    if you had written the separate equations of motion for m1 and m2, recognizing that the acceleration a is the same for both, you would find that
    the acceleration rate is:

    a = (m2 - m1)g/(m1 + m2)

    1. S = (1/2)a*T^2 is the distance moved
    2. T = m2(a + g)
    = 2(m1*m2)g/(m1 + m2)
    (same on both sides)
    3. Plug in the m1 amd m2 numbers
    4. Solve (1/2)a*T^2 = 15 m for T

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