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Environmental Science

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23. During the period of human history known as the ____, human populations grew rapidly because of advances in farming methods.
a. Industrial Revolution
b. "Tragedy of the Commons"
c. agricultural revolution
d. hunter-gatherer period
C? But it could also be A

25. Which major change in human society and the environment occurred during the Industrial Revolution?
a. Common grazing areas were replaced with closed fields
b. People lived in small tribes; many mammals went extinct
c. Fossil fuel consumption, technological efficiency, and environmental pollution
d. Domesticated plants were altered; forests were replaced with farmland


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    23. C

    25. C

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    29. An essential feature of every good experiment is the use of a control group and the test of a single variable. -True or False?

    32. An ecological footprint is a map that is designed to show the agricultural area that is needed to support all of the population within the world -False


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    29. True

    32. False

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    Thank you!

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    You're welcome.

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