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what is the density of carbon dioxide at 26.5 degrees C and 755 mm Hg?

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    Use the modified general gas equation.
    P*molar mass = density*RT

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    if i'm using PV=nRT, and manipulate that formula to V=nRT/P to find the volume, do i use 44.01g as my molar mass of CO2 and convert that to moles to find 'n'? i'm really confused how to do this b/c it's not at STP.

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    the answer i came up w/ is 1.76g/L. is this correct?

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    ...but i did it a different way. i looked at an example in the textbook, but still don't really understand what i did.

    for P, i calculated 0.993 atm
    for n, i calculated 0.040 mol CO2
    for T, i calculated 299.5 K
    then, i calculated 0.040 mol CO2 x 44.01g/1 mol CO2 = 1.76 g CO2 (stoichiometry)

    density = 1.76 g/L (but i don't understand how or why i went from 1.76 g CO2 to 1.76 g/L)

    i'm very lost!! :(

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