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A welding tank has a gauge pressure of 2000psi at 40.0°F. What is the new gauge pressure if the temperature rises to 100°F?

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    At constant volume, P/T = constant.
    To use this formula, P must be the absolute pressure and T must be absolute (Kelvin or Rankine).

    To convert Fahrenheit temperature to Rankine, add 460. The ideal gas law says:
    (2000 + 14.7)/(40 + 460)
    = (P + 14.7)/(100 + 460)
    where P is the final gauge pressure.
    14.7 ps1 has been added to gauge pressures to convert to absolute pressure in psia

    2014.7/500 = (P + 14.7)/560
    P + 14.7 = 2256.4

    P = 2241.8 psi is the final gauge pressure.

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