March 28, 2017

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Writeacher, I know you are not there.
However, I urgently need someone of you to check this short story. I hope Ms Sue or anyone else will help me.

1) I spent my Easter holidays with my family at my grandparents' house in London. I had a very good time there, especially on the very last day when my sister and I played a prank on a couple of friends of ours.
2) After having a pizza together, we decided to go for a walk. All of a sudden, I went into a dark garage with my sister and we saw a dumpy. When we came out, we told our friends that we had seen a man holding a knife in his hand.
3) My friends decided to go into the garage themselves. They saw the dumpy and ran away screaming for fear.
4) When the mother of one of my scared friends came to pick us up, my friends told her the frightening story. My sister and I started laughing and confessed we had played them a prank.

Does the word “dumpy” exist? I think they mean a shabbily dressed man.

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    1. OK

    2. I've never heard the word "dumpy" before!! Use "hobo" or "tramp" instead.

    3. ditto

    4. ... we had played a prank on them.

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