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Rebecca wondered if the type of papre used to make a paper airplane would affect the distance the plane flew.She hypothesized that an airplane made of light weight paper would fly farther than an airplane made of heavier paper.Rebecca made 5 airplanes.They were all exactly the same except for the weight of the paper from which they were made.She performed 5 trials,throwing each plane 5 times in the same conditions.She measured the distance each plane traveled each time and recorded the measurements.Rebecca graphed the measurements.She analyzed the graph and decided that the airplane made of light paper flew farther than the ones made of heavier paper.

1.What question was Rebecca trying to answer?

2.What was Rebecca's hypothesis?

3.What did Rebecca measure?

4.What are some of the variables in Rebecca's experiment?

5.What equiptment was needed for this experiment?

1.Answer:Which type of paper for an airplane is better?Light or heavy paper?

2.Answer:That light paper wil fly farther than heavy paper.

3.Answer:She measured the distance of each plane.

4.Answer:Throwing each plane 1 at a time,seeing if lighter paper is better than heavy paper

5.Answer:Paper and Ruler.
My teacher said 3 and 4 have more than 1 answer but I only found one answer for #3.

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    3. Didn't she also measure the weight of the paper?

    4. The variables were the weights of the paper.

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    Where did it say she measured the weight of the paper? Was it this sentence? "They were all exactly the same except for the weight of the paper from which they were made."

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    You're welcome.

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