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10e^(3x-7)= 5

So what I've done is rewritten it as:

(3x-7)ln10e = ln5

Now I'm a little lost as to what to do next...

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    Find the value of in10 and in5

    multiply the value of in10 wit the varables in the brackets

    collect the like terms i.e live the varable with the x term on the left hand side and the others on the right

    then solve for x from there.


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    Your start was incorrect...

    the exponent does not apply to the 10, only to the base of e
    so ...

    e^(3x-7) = 5/10= .5
    now take ln of both sides
    (3x-7) ln e = ln .5 , but ln e = 1
    3x-7 = ln .5
    3x = 7 + ln .5

    x = (7 + ln .5)/3 , and it is button-pushing time

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