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Write balanced net ionic equAtions.

D) zinc chloride and excess ammonia

E) cupric phosphate and lots of ammonia

A) ammonia and excess zinc sulfate

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    What do you not understand? Can you write the balanced molecular equation?

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    I don't know what they form...

    D) ZnCl2+ NH3--->

    E) Cu3(PO4)2 +2NH4OH--->

    A) NH3+ ZnSO4-->

    I don't understand what it means by excess... How do I figure out what they form.

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    ZnCl2 and excess NH3 forms the ammine complex Zn(NH3)4Cl2
    Cu ion reacts with NH4OH to form Cu(NH3)4^2+ complex ion.
    NH3 and ZnSO4 does the same as ZnCl2 except it's Zn(NH3)4SO4 and not Zn(NH3)Cl2

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