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Three point charges are arranged as shown.
− + +
−6.1 nC and 1.6 nC .4m apart
1.6 nC and 3 nC .088m apart

What is the electric field strength
at 1.8 m to the right of the mid

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    The point where we have to find the electric field is separated by r1 = 3.844 m from the first charge, by r2 = 0.156 m from the second charge, and by r3 =0.244 m from the third charge.
    E1, E2 and E3 are directed to the left.
    The net electric field is
    E =E1 +E2 +E3 = k•|q1| /(r1)^2 + k•q2 /(r2)^2 + k•q3 /(r3)^2,
    where k =9•10^9 N•m^2•m^-2.

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