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At 55C, the K for the reaction: 2NO2(g) <--> N2O4 is 1.15

a) write the equilibrium expression

b) calculate the concentration of N2O4(g) present in equilibrium with 0.50 mole of NO2

Please help and explain

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    Don't you know Keq expression? products/reactants with coefficients as exponents.
    b. Substitute 0.40 mol for NO2 into Keq and solve for N2O4.

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    Is this right?

    a) kc= [N2O4]/[NO2]^2


    B) I still can't figure it out :( please help

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    Frankly I don't know how to answer the question. Is this Kc or is it Kp? The problem calls it Keq and gives moles. Moles can't go in the Keq expression. It must be molarity for Kc or partial pressure for Kp. With no volume given mols can't be converted to M nor to pressure. Is there more to the problem or did you post an edited version? The Kc expression you wrote is perfect.

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    Okay thank you

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