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I left out the following sentences.
Can you please check them? I hope they are the last on the same subject.
I really rely on your invaluable help.

1) Caliban feels like a slave. He has o obey Prospero's orders because of Prospero's magic powers.
There is a maleficent magic and a beneficent one.
2) Caliban claims to won he island which belongs to me because Sycorax has left it to him but Prospero has taken it from him.
3) In his turn, Caliban loved Prospero back. He would show him all the features of the island. (Also: he showed him all the features of the island).
4) You are required to write a cohesive ten-line paragraph using your own words. You limited yourself (not restricted yourself) to repeating my notes word for word without revising (reworking them).
5) When Prospero and Caliban first met, Prospero took care of him.
Prospero was his first king and now he pens him up like a farm animal, so that he can't go anywhere he wants on the island.
6) Now Miranda calls him a liar, who can be influenced only by punishment and not by kindness.
7) The play can be regarded not only as an admonition against the risks of English expansion abroad, but also as an exhortation against the power of the supernatural.
Miranda helped him find words (also "the words") to make his point understandable.

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    Buona Pasqua!


    1. sp ~~> to

    2. ... claims to own the island ...

    3. I wondered about the tense "would show" before, but neglected to ask about it. Does that verb indicate an intention? Or is it supposed to be a substitute for a future action? Unclear to me.

    4. For the second sentence, I'd write this: You chose to simply copy my notes word for word, with no ideas and words of your own.

    5. Present tenses needed...

    6. Rather awkward ~~> ... calls him a liar, who can ...
    It'd be better to delete the comma and change "who" to "that", I think.

    7. Present tense needed in the second sentence here.

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