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The trapezoids are similar. The area of the smaller trapezoid is 564m^2. Find the area of the larger trapezoid to the nearest whole number.
The picture of the small one has a number 42m and the larger one has a number 57m.
Can someone please help me my possible answers aer, 576m^2, 3,249m^2, 3,181m^2, or 14m^2

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    I will assume that the values of 42 m and 57 m are corresponding sides.

    Areas of similar shapes are proportional to the square of their corresponding sides

    A/564 = 57^2/42^2
    A = 564(3249)/1764 = appr 1039 m^2

    According to my assumption, none of the given answers match.

    check: √(1039/564) = 1.357...
    57/42 = 1.357...

    my answer is correct.

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    reiny obviously if your answer doesn't match the answer choices you are wrong.

    anyways the correct answer is 3,181 m^2

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