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Thank you very much. Here are some more sentences I'd like you to check, Writeacher.

1)Caliban s a half-beast, half-man creature who has always lived on the island in which the play takes place.
2) He inherited it from his mother, the witch Sykorax, and he showed all its features to Prospero and Miranda when they first came on the island.
3) After his betrayal, Caliban became (becomes?) Prospero’s slave and now he regrets having being nice and friendly to Prospero.
4) He wishes he had all his mother’s powers in order to send toads, bats and beetles against Prospero.
5) When Miranda and Prospero were friendly living with Caliban, they tried to teach him many things in
6)Caliban spoilt their relationship because Caliban tried to rape Miranda. So they turned him into a slave.
Now both Miranda and her father call him monster, liar, or horrid savage.

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