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Posted by Matthew on Friday, April 6, 2012 at 5:55pm.

I left out the following sentences.
Thank you very much. I find it difficult to reorganize the sentences.

1) Prospero may be seen as a theatre director (through his magical art he controls all the events? but also as the projection of Shakespeare himself.
2) Prospero, who renounces his magic at the end of the play and returns to Milan where he takes possession of his dukedom mab be seen as Shakespeare who with the tempest stops writing and returns to Stratford.
3) Caliban s a half-beast, half-man creature who has always lived on the island in which the play takes place.
He inherited it from his mother, the witch Sykorax, and he showed all its features to Prospero and Miranda when they first came on the island.
4) After his betrayal, Caliban became (becomes?) Prospero’s slave and now he regrets having being nice and friendly to Prospero.
5) He wishes he had all his mother’s powers in order to send toads, bats and beetles against Prospero.

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