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If Maria wants to have the best chance of blowing out all of the birthday candles on her birthday cake, she should bend down close to the candles, take a deep breath, make a small opening with her lips and then push her breath out. Why does doing it this way work the best?
A)It keeps the air she breathed in cool enough to put out the candle flames.
B) It makes the air come out with enough force to blow out the candle flames.
C)The air forms a blanket over the candles and pushes the candle flames down.
D)The air spins around when it comes out and hits all the candle flames this way.

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    Three things cause fire: fuel, oxygen, and heat. Remove one, the candle goes out.

    By blowing in a constricted stream, you remove the heat from the wick, and it cools, and the fire is out. B is the best answer, but it is not as good as the above description.

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    thanks sooo much!

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