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Posted by Rezu on Wednesday, April 4, 2012 at 5:38pm.

Each day life becomes a little more difficult.Northern forces have blockaded our ports.Now we are unable to ship our goods and make a living. Most people around here plant cotton and tobacco to sell. We depend on those sales.We are doing our best to get by,but it is getting harder and harder.Northern states are no longer shipping us goods,of course.And the goods Europe tries to ship to us are being stopped by the Union blockade.

Philip's parents have a small vegetabale garden,so we are not hungry.We have meat one a week,but we consider ourselves lucky.Some of our neighbors are getting by with much less.We share what we can,but the lack of goods will soon create terrible shortages.The blockage seems cruel.

What is the main idea of these paragraphs?
F.Southerners should have planted other crops besides cotton and tobacco
G.The blockage is creating hardships and shortages in the South
H.Vegetable gardens are making life easier for the Southerners
J.Southerners are helping each other get through hard times

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