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Social Studies 7R (Please Read!)

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Please check my homework

I have to read each statement and determine if it's federalist or Democratic Republican

1. F - The role of government should be limited

2. DR - The economy should focus on farming

3. F - No one person should have too much power

4. F - There should be a strong national goverenment

5. DR - The US should be a leader in manufacting

I'm going to post more later I have to do something. But please tell me if one of them are wrong.

Thank You!

  • Social Studies 7R (Please Read!) -

    Three of the five answers are wrong.

  • Social Studies 7R (Please Read!) -

    what number?????

  • Social Studies 7R (Please Read!) -

    If I told you which ones are wrong, I'd be giving you the answers. I couldn't deprive you of being a real independent learner.

  • Social Studies 7R (Please Read!) -

    You're really not giving me the answers and besides I'm going to look in my notes why it's the answer.

  • Social Studies 7R (Please Read!!!!!) -

    please tell me what numbers

  • Social Studies 7R (Please Read!) -

    here are the rest of my homework

    6. DR - Cities should play a more vital role in determining government policies

    7. F - We should avoid

    8. DR - We should have better relation with Brtain

    9. F - We fully support the Aliens & Sedition Acts

    PS - PLEASE tell me what numbers that I got wrong. My mom wants to know so that way she can help me and explain why that is the correct answer.

  • Social Studies 7R (Please Read!) -


    10. DR - We should have better relation with France

  • Social Studies 7R (Please Read!) -

    7 is incomplete.

    I suggest you do what my daughter and her daughter did when she was in 7th grade. They read her assignment together -- taking turns in reading aloud and discussing the material as the went along.

  • Social Studies 7R (Please Read!) -

    7. F - We should avoid "mob" rule

    but can u at least tell me how many did i got wrong?

  • social studies 7th -

    Who introduced them into Italy by Etruscan nobile

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