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physics ( please help me)

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a railroad handcar is moving along striaght, fricionless tracks. In each of the following cases the car initially has a total mass (car and contents of magniude 4.00 m/s^1. Find the final velocity of the car in each of the three cases.

A) a 40.0 kg mass is thown sideways out of the car with a velocity of magnitude 2.00 m/s^1 relative to the car.
B) a 40.0 kg mass is thrown backward (to the west)out of the car with a velocity of magnitude 4.00 m/s^1 relative to the initial motion of the car.
C) a 40.0 kg mass is thrown into the car with a velocity of the magnitude 6.00 m/s^1 relative to the ground and opposite in direction to the velocity of the car.

  • physics ( please help me) -

    a) 4.00m/s
    b)velocity of object is 0, so your answers should be (Mass of car * 4.00 )/(Mass of car - 40.0 kg)
    c) 2 initial velocities this time, and the object is going the opposite direction. You should have [(Mass of Car * 4.00) - (40kg *6) ] / (Mass of car + 40kg)

  • physics ( please help me) -

    a car of mass 500 is travelling at 24.a lion of 100kg drop onto the roof the car from the over handing branch show that the car will slow down to speed lot 20m/s.

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