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Could you please check these sentences, Writeacher?

1) We were in /on a talent show which lot of people watch.
We didn't win unfortunately, but it's created a lot of publicity (for us).
2) Since then, we've been writing new songs in the studio and we've also done a few concerts.
3) My dad has been working in his job for about five years.
I've been doing this test since the start of the class.
4) We've released our second album. The single has had/got good reviews, but we still haven't had a big hhit.
We've been practising for about three months for our next tour.
5) I'm a bit tired because I've just come back from the studio where we are practising.

  • English -

    1. ... in a talent show ...

    Unfortunately, we didn't win, but ...

    2. ... studio, and ...

    4. ... has gotten good reviews ... hit.

    5. ... where we were practising.

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