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to complete tasks quickly and efficiently a operating system has many special components that are known as?
(c)system files
my answer is c

to start a program from an icon you should?
(a)click the left mouse button
(b)double click the left mouse button
(c)click the right mouse button
(d)click both mouse buttons at once
my answer is b

which system tool allows you to manage the avaible space on your hard disk to improve efficiency?
(a)scan disk
(c)drive space
(d)disk defragmentor
my answer is d

performing more thsn one task at a time using different software programs is called?
(a)file name encoding
(c)intergrating applications
(d)object linking and embedding
my answer is b

in windows xp which control panel icon should you choose if you would like to customize your system for left-handed use?
(a)regional and language options
(c)add and remove programs
my answer is b

which of the following choices is not a veiwing option?
(a)file type
(b)file time
(c)file size
(d)file pages
my answer is d

in addition to telling you which programs are currently running what other information does the task bar display?
(a)the bios
(b)the current time
(c)a program help file
(d)the programs contasined on your hard drive
my answer is b

to chande the date and time in vista and window 7 you should select what option?
(b)windows icon
(c)computer ans systems
(d)regional ans language
my answer is d

call someone please check my work

  • bookkeeping -

    I'm not sure about the last one - but all others are correct.

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