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4. A major problem in relations between Israel and the Arab states was the
a. resettlement of Palestinian refugees
b. failure to develop trade agreements
c. status of Jerusalem as an open city
d. level of influence Great Britain still exercised

6. The writers of the Beat Generation
a. believed in traditional literary forms
b. supported American commercialism
c. attacked American commercialism and rejected traditional literary forms
d. wrote novels and poetry that emphasized the beauty of nature

10. Since independence, in most Latin countries
a. elected governments have been overthrown by a military coup d'etat
b. elected governments have continued to function peacefully
c. socialist governments have come to power in most countries
d. communist governments have taken power

17. Former Nazi leaders were tried at Nuremburg by
a. a United States military tribunal
b. the courts of the new West German government
c. a special international court
d. the United Nations International Court of Justice


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