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7th grade math

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For these two problems, you would need to find the slope and y intercept and then write the equation in equivalent to ax + by + c.



Please help and explain how to do it. Thank you

  • 7th grade math -

    do you Know the equation y=mx+b
    if you dont, which you should
    m is the slope b is the y intercept
    both of the equations above are in this format but it may help in i write them like this for you

    y=(3/1)x+0 interscts at the orign slope 3/1 (rise over run)line will slant like this /

    y=0x+0 this line would be equivalent to the x axis

    as for changing them to ax+by+c

    y=3x subtract 3x from bot sides
    y=0 subtract 0 from both sides

    simple algebraic manipulating of the terms

  • 7th grade math -

    ooh i get it thank you for explaining and i do know the slope intercept form

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