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Hi, I'm doing a science fair and they're asking us to put pictures of us doing experiments or to bring in a model. In my project I experimented on people so was I supposed to take pictures of people performing the tasks? I already did the project and experiments and did them at a mall, if I had to take pictures what should I do? And if I need a model what should it be?

If it helps my project is on multitasking. I was trying to see if people work better while multitasking or without and I also compared if it was easy or hard for them.

-Thank you in advance

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    I suggest you take pictures similar to what you would have taken at the mall. They would be pictures of people multitasking at the mall.

    I don't know what kind of model would illustrate your experiment.

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    thank you

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    Have you considered a collage of people doing the various tasks with you recording their progress (however you did it)?

    I hope this helps.

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    actually that is the kind of way i did it. I almost did 2 experiments on a total of 150 people. Thanks anyway

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