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Posted by Matthew on Saturday, March 31, 2012 at 11:37am.

Thank you very much, Writeacher. Can you also suggest to me short reading comprehension (to be done in 15 minutes) with a set of comprehension questions at the end (intermediate level) ?

Can you check if my sentences to turn into indirect speech are possible?

1) “Would you like to go for a motorbike ride uphill?”, he said to me.
He invited me to...
2) “Shall I phone Mary for you?” said Bill.
He offered to
3) “If I were you, I’d leave tomorrow morning”, he said.
He adivised me to..
4) “Remember to switch off the light”, he said 5) “What about making pizza for dinner”,he said.
He reminded me to....
5) “I won’t drive you to the beach”, she said.
7) “Come in and shut the door!”, she said.
8) “OK. It was me who broke the vase”, she said.
9) “Ok, I’ll drive you to the airport”, she said.
10) Why don’t we go to the seaside for the weekend?, he said. 11) “Congratulations for passing your driving test”, Peter said to me.
Peter congratulated with me on passing my driving test.
12) “I’m terribly sorry I dropped your glasses on the floor”, he said.
He apologized to me for dropping my glasses on the floor.

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