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10.For each of these sets of premises, what relevant conclusion or conclusions can be drawn? Explain the rules of inference used to obtain each conclusion from the premises.
a)"if I play hockey, then i am sore the next day.""I use the whirlpool if i am sore.""i did not use the whirlpool."
b)"If i work, it is either sunny or partly sunny,""I worked last Monday or I worked last Friday," "It was not sunny on Tuesday.""It was not partly sunny on Friday."
c)"All insects have six legs." "Dragonflies are insects.""Spiders do not have six legs." "Spiders eat dragonflies."
d)"Every student has an Internet account.""Homer does not have a Internet account" "Maggie has an Internet account"
e)"All foods that are healthy to eat do not taste good"Tofu is healthy to eat.""You only eat what tastes good.""You do not eat tofu" "Cheeseburgers are not healthy to eat"
f)"I am either dreaming or hallucinating""I am not dreaming." "If i am hallucinating. i see elephants running down the road.

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    a. You will continue to be sore.

    b. All can be true.

    c. All can be true.

    d. Either one of the first two sentences is false, or Homer is not a student.

    e. All can be true.

    f. All can be true.

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