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1.a swimming pool has a radius of 10 feet and a height of 4 feet. What is the volume?

2.What is the volume of a soup can with a radius of 4cm and a height of 16cm?

3.What is the volume of a triangular prism with a length of 10cm a width of 15cm and a height of 10cm?

4.What is the volume of a cylinder with a radius of 4.5in and a height of 6in?

5.what is the area of a circle with a circumference of 25 meters?

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    Problems 1, 2, 4. V = πr^2 * h

    5. C = 2πr (calculate r from C then insert in following equation.
    A = πr^2

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    ok what about #3

  • Algebra!! -

    By triangular prism , I understand it to be a triangular base.
    You have given me only 2 sides of the base, unless the two sides are sides of a right-angled triangle, I cannot find the area of the base.
    So I will assume it is right-angled.....

    area of base = (1/2)(10)(15) = 75 cm^2

    Then the volume = 75(10) or 750 cm^3

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