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An experiment makes use of a water manometer attached to a flask. Initially the two columns in the gas manometer are at the same level and the air pressure in the flask and both sides of manometr is 1 atm. The experiment is set up when the air pressure is 7 degree Celcius. The left side of the manometer is connected to a flask and right side is capped so that the air at the end will be compressed when the flask is heated by a gas burner. The cap is initially 15cm above the water column. The volume of the flask is 1*10^4 m^3. When calculating the change in pressure assosiated with the heating of the gas in the flask, you can neglect the change in the volume of the gas(air in this cae) assosiated with the displacement of the water column in the manometer. Calculate how many calories (cal) have been added to the flask through heating from the gas burner given that specific heat of the air is 20.8 (J/K)/mol.

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