February 24, 2017

Homework Help: Physics help please!!!

Posted by BB on Thursday, March 29, 2012 at 1:33pm.

In February 2004, scientists at Purdue University used a highly sensitive technique to measure the mass of a vaccinia virus (the kind used in smallpox vaccine). The procedure involved measuring the frequency of oscillation of a tiny sliver of silicon (just 28.0 long) with a laser, first without the virus and then after the virus had attached itself to the silicon. The difference in mass caused a change in the frequency. We can model such a process as a mass on a spring.

part A is the formula: f(s+v) / f(s) = √ (ms / (ms + mv))

part B. In some data, the silicon sliver has a mass of 2.10×1^0−16g and a frequency of 2.01×10^15 Hz without the virus and 2.88×10^14 Hz with the virus. What is the mass of the virus in grams?

this is my correct work problem i did below
2.10*10^-16 -[(2.88*10^14/2.01*10^15)^2*2.10*10^-16]/ (2.88*10^14/ 2.01*10^15)^2 and i got 2.1*10^14g which i got wrong ive been stuck with this problem for a while i need help

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