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algebra 2

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to determine the number of deer in a game preserve a conservationist catches 330 deer tags them and lets them loose later 672 deers are cought 168 of them are tagged how many deer are in the preserve I don't now how to get the answer can someone work this for me please. Thank you

  • algebra 2 -

    There are an unknown number of deer.
    We know that there are 330 tagged deer out there.

    After some time, they are presumed to be mixed into the entire herd, so if we gather in a sample, and 10% of them are tagged, we can assume that 10% of the whole herd has been tagged.

    So, in a sample of 672 deer, 168 are tagged, making that 25%.

    So, we can assume that the 330 deer we tagged were 25% of the whole herd, meaning that there are 1320 deer in all.

    Any significant sample we gather in should be 25% tagged, just like the 672 named here. If we caught the whole herd, it would be 25% tagged, meaning the 330 we originally caught.

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