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English - ms. sue

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ms. sue i have little more questions on story i be posting one by one.

Even though this author Emily be admired as writer, she be better well-known as painter. What aspects of her style remind u of the visual arts? Write down passages that illustrate ur answers.

I get the second part I not get the first part to this question. These be the passages I choose.
*The rain stopped, and white mist came up from the sea, gradually paling her back into the forest. It was as if she belonged there, and the mist were carrying her home. Presently the mist took the forest too, and, wrapping them both together, hid them away.
*The Indian’s eyes, coming slowly from across the sea, followed my pointing finger. Resentment showed in his face, greeny-brown and wrinkled like a baked apple- resentment that white folks should pry into matters wholly Indian.

  • English - ms. sue -

    Your examples are good.

    Her choice of words and phraseology reminds me of the visual arts.

  • English - ms. sue -

    thanks very much ms. sue :)

  • English - ms. sue -

    You're very welcome, Mohammad.

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