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i still don't get what i put down.
??????????????????????????????????????? for the population question!!!!!!!!!!

Word Bank;command economy, market economy, traditional economy, social reforms, labor unions, assassinated, political party

1) people spend most of their time growing food for themselves and their families in a _____________.

2) some workers form groups thta aim to improve the workplace.these groups are called ______________.

3) people with the same point of view about government, society, and econemics are often members of the same ______________.

4)The government controls production in a ________________(command economy?)

5) in the 1800s, many pennsylvanians worked to bring about ________________, or changes to improve society.

6) President lincoln's plan to bring the nation together after the war was cut short when he was __________________.

  • to ms.sue -

    Please read your book. I'm sure those terms are defined there.

    For instance, 1) is traditional economy.

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