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an airplane flies directly overhead at 540mph. 1 minute later is seen at an angle of elevation of 34 degrees. how far did the airplane fly during that time? what is the elevation of the plane?

  • Geom./Trig. -

    make a sketch.
    let P be the position of the observer and point A the position of the plane directly above him
    let B be the position of the plane 1 minute later

    let the height AP be h miles
    mark the angle of elevation as 34°, then angle PBA = 34°
    in 1 minute the plane has traveled (1/60)540 or 9 miles
    so AB = 9
    h/9 = tan34°
    h = 9tan34° = 6.07 miles

    height of plane = 6.07 miles
    distance covered in 1 minute = 9 miles

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