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A 4.6 kg block starts at rest and slides a distance d down a frictionless 31.0° incline, where it runs into a spring. The block slides an additional 24.0 cm before it is brought to rest momentarily by compressing the spring, whose spring constant is 421 N/m. What is the value of d?

What is the distance between the point of first contact and the point where the block's speed is greatest?

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    PE =KE =PE (of the spring)
    m•g•h = m•v^2/2=k•x^2/2,
    m•g• d•sinα = k•x^2/2
    d=k•x^2/2• m•g•sinα =
    =421•(0.24)^2/2•4.6•9.8•sin31o=0.522 m.
    The point where the speed is the greatest
    is the same point where it was the first
    contact with the spring.

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