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Chris cuts half a rectangular lawn, 40m by 30m, by mowing strips of equal width around the perimeter. Jerri cuts the small rectangle in the middle that's left. How wide a strip does Chris cut so that they share the work equally?

Solve by using quadratic formula.

  • URGENT MATH please - ,

    Did you make a sketch ?

    Let the width of the cut done by Chris be x m
    That leaves a rectangle of 40-2x by 30-2x to be cut by Jerri.

    (40-2x)(30-2x) = (1/2)(40)(30)
    4x^2 - 140x + 1200 = 600
    x^2 - 35x + 150 = 0
    (x-5)(x-30) = 0
    x = 5 or x = 30 , but x = 30 makes no sense

    x = 5
    The strip should be 5 m wide.

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