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A ladder that is 15 feet long is placed so that it reaches from level ground to the top of a vertical wall that is 13 feet high
A. Use the law of sines to find the angle that the ladder makes with the ground to the nearest hundredth
B. Is more than one position of the ladder possible? Explain your answer.

  • Trigonometry -

    A rt triangle is formed:

    hyp. = 15 Ft. = Length of ladder.
    Ver. side = 13Ft.

    A. sinA / 13 = sin90 / 15.
    sinA = 13*sin90 / 15 = 60.07 Deg.

    B. The bottom of the ladder can be moved closer to are farther from the
    bottom of the wall. But the hor. and
    ver. side should always be > 0 to keep
    the rt triangle.

  • Trigonometry -

    CORRECTION: sinA=13*sin90/15 = 0.8666.
    A = 60.07 Deg.

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