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1. What does he do when/after he gets on the bus?
2. He says hello to the driver and his friends.

(Are the question and answer correct? Do we have to use 'when' or 'after' in this case?)

3. Is the fact that Venice doesn't have cars a problem?
- Not at all.

4. Where do Jeepneys go.
- They go everywhere.

5. What do Jeepneys look like.
- They are colorful.

6. What are Jeepneys like?
- They are colorful.

7. How far is it from house/home to school?
- It's a long walk to school.

8. Do they complain about the fact that they have to walk to school?
- Not at all.

9. How do they like the walk?
- They enjoy the walk.

10. How are they like?
- They are very happy.

11. What do they look like?
- They are very happy.

(Would you check all the questions and answers? Are there any wrong expressions? Correct them, please. Thank you.)

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    1 and 2. OK. Either when or after is fine.

    3 - 5 -- OK

    6, I suggest you find another way of describing these vehicles.

    10 and 11. I suggest you find another description for one of these.

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    6. What do Jeepneys look like?
    - They are colorful.

    10. How do they feel?
    - They are very happy.

    11. What are their feelings?
    - They are very happy.

    (Thank you for your help. What about the pairs?)

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    That's o.k.

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