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1.which of the following statements allows many branches or alternatives paths? A.IF-THEN; B.ON-GOTO; C. GOTO; D. all of the above.
2.The system command ---- is used to tell the computer to execute the program A.LIST B.EXECUTE C.END D.RUN

3. -----notation is used for representing very large numbers
A.S; B. D; C. C; D. E

4. The END statement has FUNCTIONS
A. one ; B. two C. three D.four.

5.Which the following can be use to separate variables to be printed with PRINT statement?
A. Semi-colon; B. colon ; C. PERIOD D.all of the above

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    There are many different computer programming languages. It is important that you specify the language, because many of the commands are common to for example Visual Basic and Fortran (unlikely to be your case).

    If then allows only two branches, unless you put elseif. Select Case allows multiple branches, but is not on the list. On-Goto and Goto has only one branch.
    System is like you would run a command-line.
    Not sure about Q3 and Q4.

    Variables on the print list can be separated by a comma or a semi-colon.
    A colon marks the beginning of a comment.

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