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Calculus and vectors

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Please help/verify the answer.

1. When you add vectors geometrically:

a) vectors are aligned tail to tail

b) vectors are aligned head to head

c) vectors are aligned head to tail

d) vectors are put side by side

Is the answer D?

2. Adding a vector to the zero vector:

a) produces zero vector

b) preserves the non-zero vector

c) changes the vector's direction

d) reduces the vector's magnitude

Answer is B?

3. If A⃗ is any non-zero vector, a unit vector in the same direction of A⃗ would be:

a) |A⃗|A⃗

b) (1/|A⃗|) A⃗

c) (-1/|A⃗|) A⃗

d) -|A⃗|A⃗

Answer is A?

  • Calculus and vectors -

    1c, 2b, 3b

    You got one out of three. Were you just guessing?

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