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College Chemistry

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In a reaction vessel, the following reaction was carried out using 0.250 mol of NH3(l) and 0.100 mol of N2(g).
4NH3(l) + N2(g) ¡ú 3N2H4(l)
Which of the following represents the composition in moles in the vessel when the reaction reaches completion?
¡Ö0 mol NH3, 0.038 mol N2, 0.333 mol N2H4
¡Ö0 mol NH3, 0.038 mol N2, 0.188 mol N2H4
¡Ö0 mol NH3, 0.063 mol N2, 0.188 mol N2H4
0.150 mol NH3, ¡Ö0 mol N2, 0.300 mol N2H4

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    I can't interpret the symbols but I refer you back to the stoichiometry and limiting reagent problems.

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