March 27, 2015

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Posted by Matthew on Monday, March 26, 2012 at 4:48pm.

I still have a few doubts on a few sentences. Thank you very much, Writeacher.

1) I need to write an example containing the verb "awake/awoke/awoken". Could you please help me?
2) Do you remember when/why/the reason for which/ the place in which/ how/ the way in which Mary fell off the horse?
Forget all/everything that I told you.
He was interviewed by three companies, all of which offered him a job.
3) I sent out two letters, neither of which arrived. (neither is usally followed by a singular or plural form?)
I ordered two books, both of which arrived within a week.
4) However I tried, I couldn't get in touch with her. Is "however" the only possibility?
I wish the weather were better!
5) You needn't have phoned me. (You phoned me though it wasn't necessary).
Mary complained to the teacher because he always gives her too much homework.
6) Mary complained to the teacher about his (him) giving too much homework.
You can come whenever you want ("to" I don't know when to include "to").
7) He is going to England in order to/so as to improve his English/so that he will improve his English.

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