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1. An airplane is flying at 36,000 feet directly above Lincoln, Nebraska. A little later the plane is flying at 28,000 feet directly above Des Moines, Iowa, which is 160 miles from Lincoln.
A.assuming a CONSTANT rate of descent, what was the angle of descent?
B. What is the mileage of the plane?

2.A map maker wants to know the angle of assent of a mountain, so she can have info for contour maps. She knows from previous studies that the mountain is 5000 feet tall. Using her pedometer and walking a straight path from bottom to top, she measured that she walked 7500 feet. what is the incline of the mountain?

3.A rain gutter is to be constructed of thin aluminum sheets 12 inches wide. After marking off a length of 4 inches from each edge of the sheet, the sheet is bent up at an angle "a". The final span of the top of the rain gutter after its bent needs to be 9 inches.
A. find angle a
B. Find the top to bottom height of the final rain gutter

4.A carptenter is preparing to put a roof on a garage that is 20'x40'X20' (width,length, height). A steel support beam 45' high is positioned in the center of the garage. to support the roof, another beam will be attached to the top of the center beam.
A. at what angle is the new beam?
B.`How long of boards should he cut for each beam?

6. If 3 sides of a right triangle are 3,4, and 5, find ALL angles of the triangle.

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