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college physics

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A 0.50-kg block slides along a small track with elevated ends and a flat central part. The flat part has a length L = 1.85 m. The curved portions of the track are frictionless, but for the flat part the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.103. The block is released from rest from a height h = 96 cm on the left curved portion of the track. Calculate the maximum height reached by the block on the right curved portion of the track.

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    PE=KE = W(fr)+KE1
    m•g•H = k•m•g•L +KE1
    KE1= m•g•H – k•m•g•L
    KE1= PE1
    PE1 = m•g•h
    m•g•H – k•m•g•L = m•g•h
    h = H - k•L=0.96 – 0.103•1.85=0.769 m

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