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Josh and Racquel sold cookies and brownies at the math club bake sale. The cookies cost $0.47 each, and the brownies cost $0.60 each. They sold a total of 603 items (cookies and brownies) and raised $323.84 Write a system of equations and determine the number of cookies sold and the number of brownies sold.
Could you please show the work on how to do this?

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    just put the facts into symbols, one item at a time:

    cost of c cookies = .47c
    cost of b brownies = .60b
    c+b = 603
    .47c + .60b = 323.84

    now, you know that c = 603-b, so

    .47(603-b) + .60b = 323.84
    283.41 - .47b + .60b = 323.84
    .13b = 40.43
    b = 311
    c = 603-311 = 292

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