March 30, 2015

Homework Help: English

Posted by Matthew on Sunday, March 25, 2012 at 7:00pm.

Thank you very much. Here are a few sentences I urgently need you to check.

1) I wish it hadn't rained so often.
I wish they would stop arguing (with each other)
2) I wish she were here with me.
If I had studied harder, I would/could/might have passed the exam.
3) He would have had to repair the car, if he had decided to leave.
If only I could have talked to her.
You shouldn't have phoned him.
4) You needn't have phoned him.
You can borrow my bike as long as/providing/provided that you give it back to me in an hour's time.
5) I take an umbrella in cate it rains.
You can go to the cinema provided tht you finish your homework.
6) She told me I could go to the cinema provided that I finished (??) my homework.
The soup was too hot for her to eat.
The maths test was too difficult for me to finish.
7) She couldn't get the job because she wasn't determined enough. She hadn't got enough determination.
() He is not fast enough to finish his exercises on time.
My school is not close enough for me to walk. My school is too far for me to walk (there??).

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