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Math(Please answer, thank you)

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(4.44e-2 - x) (8.06e-2 - x) / (0.331 + 2x)^2 = 1.80e-2

I need to rearrange this equation so that I can get a,b, and c, for the quadratic equation but I am not sure how to do this. Thank you for the help.

  • Math(Please answer, thank you) -

    multpily both sides by (.331+2x)^2

    now multiply out the left side, getting four terms. On the right, mupltiply all that square term out

    Now, collect terms. Put them all on one side, you will have the quadratic form.

    It is mostly algebra.

  • Math(Please answer, thank you) -

    So I have to multiply (4.44e-2 -x )(8.06e-2 - x) by (0.331 + 2x)^2 or am I suppose to multiply 1.80e-2 by it?

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